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Copy of CQS Weekly Newsletter

Manifesting your reality!

Words of the week:

Words of the week: Power of Words

Manifestation hack is provided


Fourth and Final week of Manifestation

What words are you using to manifest?

Are they positive or negative words?

It’s important to use positive words when you manifest to bring about positive energy. The words you choose to use do matter. How powerful are words? If I used the words free, hurry, offer, now or announcing in the headlines. I would get your immediate attention. These words are action words. They will trigger the person to “do” something. The words sad, angry, disappoint, compassion, sympathy are words that will trigger one’s emotions. Again, these are powerful words. Examples were provided to show the impact of words. That being said, let’s use some powerful words for manifestation.

Power words for manifestation:






In summary, using affirmations, having an attitude of gratitude, showing appreciation are all excellent ways to manifest. Remember to maintain positive thoughts and emotions. Words do matter.

Should you desire to manifest on an advanced level check out the book, Words of Power: Secret Magickal Sounds That Manifest Your Desires by Damon Brand at

New topic next week.

Have a GREAT week!

May the sunshine within you.

Rev. CQS

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