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Words of the week:

Emotions and Thoughts

Manifestation hack is provided

Are you manifesting with positivity or negativity?

In other words are your thoughts negative or positive?

Has social media put everyone in a more emotional mindset?

There is a lot of negativity taking place in the world. Unfortunately, it has always been that way. Now social media has made things more prevalent. Everything is up close and personal. Despite how the world is it’s now imperative to keep your thoughts and emotions positive as possible. Having a positive mind will get positive results and negative mind negative results, regardless if you are manifesting or not.

A crucial key to manifesting is thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts bring your desires as previously mentioned. For example, each car that I’ve owned, I manifested the car. I would get a picture of the car. Put the picture either on my phone or a board or both. I’d look at the car several times throughout the day visualizing myself driving the car. During meditation I would ask myself questions: How does the car feel on the road? What size is the car? How does the car smell (leather seats)? Is the car comfortable? Is the car easy to maneuver? What price are you willing to pay for the car? What color is the interior? Etc. The more details you can offer the better. My emotions were always positive and happy. The Universe understands your thoughts and emotions, going by how you "feel."

One who controls your emotions controls you.

Have a great week.

Rev. CQS

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