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CQS Weekly Newsletter

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Word of the week: Affirmations


Manifestation hack is provided.

This is the third week of manifestation hacks. Affirmations are another easy way to bring about your desires. As you continue to do affirmations, they will become easier.

Affirmations help you bring the things you desire to your subconscious so they can be manifested into your life.

Choose an affirmation to work with.

Make it believable.

Repeat it daily. (5 mins)

Feel the emotion coming over you.


I will be driving my new car soon.

I love my new__________(year)(brand)(model), it is perfect!

I am worthy of a new car.

Its just that easy. The only difficult part you must say them out loud or in your head. You can look them up on the internet or make up your own.


Just A Quick Tip For A Healthy Body

Some people will not believe this, but I eat oatmeal daily. This is how my oatmeal looks minus the bananas. Oatmeal is a good source of fiber and it helps to lower cholesterol among other things.

See ya next week,

May the sunshine within you.

Rev. CQS

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