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of the week Love Bombing

Part 1 Love Bombing

Love Bombing

Have you ever been manipulated? Your ego will quickly tell you no! However, there are many ways a person is manipulated. In this newsletter, I will discuss one of them called love bombing.

According to Michael Pace in his book Dark Psychology 101 love bombing is a technique used by emotional manipulators at the start of their interaction with a victim. Those relationships are intense, sudden with a constant display of positive

feelings. It creates an intense feeling of trust, affection, and compliance from a victim to their manipulator. A person who is lonely, desperate, and looking for support and comfort is more likely to be love bombed more intensely and explicitly as the manipulator feels they will be receptive to it.

I. Scenario:

Recently a woman called me, who had been love bombed. Christopher swept Patrice off her feet. He bought her roses. He spent every day with her for six months straight. He talked about how she was so beautiful. He had been waiting for a woman like her for years and he finally found her. He talked about them moving in together and marrying later. He made her feel like she had finally found her King. One day everything changed. Christopher called her and told her that he had some financial issues. He went on to say that he could no longer see her as he needed to focus on himself and his finances. She told him they could work on his money struggles together, but he refused. After trying to call him for three weeks, she begrudgingly gave up. Two months later she decided to try and reach him again. She quickly realized her number had been blocked. She was also blocked from his social media accounts.

II. Scenario:

Javonte’ was another caller. He had been dating Brandon for four months. The two men met at a dog park. Brandon was always complimenting Javonte' often displaying affection in public. There was an immediate attraction, they exchanged numbers. Shortly thereafter start dating. The romance was intense from the beginning. They spent most of the free time together. The two even made plans to go out of town. Out of nowhere Brandon blocked Javonte’ from calling, texting, direct messaging. Javonte’ had no way of reaching Brandon.

Next week Part 2

Love bombing

Have a great week.

Rev. CQS


Pace, Michael 2015

Dark Psychology 101: Learn The Secrets Of Convert Emotional Manipulator, Dark Persuasion, Undetected Mind Control, Mind Games, Deception, Hypnotism, Brainwashing And Other Tricks Of The Trade. Make Profits Easy, LLC. N.J.

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