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Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Are you the side chick?

WARNING!!!!!! If you are easily triggered emotionally DO NOT READ THIS!

A side chick is a woman one dates in addition to a wife or girlfriend. It’s very unfortunate that many women are side chicks without them knowing. The woman is under the assumption that she is entering a relationship with a single man. Some men are very skilled at the “art of deception.”

Here are some signs to look out for that will explain to you, if you are the side chick and not the main chick.

1. He hasn’t introduced you (he always has an excuse) to his friends or family, children (if he has any).

2. His place of employment is unknown. For example, when asked about his employer he answered, “I’m an entrepreneur.” When asked to explain? He replied, “I’m a music producer.” This person is evading the question.

3. He hasn’t invited you to his home EVER! Most men want to impress the woman they like by showing off their home and personal belongings.

4. He doesn’t call you only text or messages you thru social media.

5. He plans and times his visits.

6. He only visits you at your home.

7. Absolutely no public displays of affection. (if you are able to get him out of the house)

8. He will not take pictures with you.

9. He shares very little to no information about himself.

10. He has yet to define the relationship. (He only sees you as an object of his desire)

These are a few websites that will help you find out about your person of interest. There is information out there:

· Been verified

· Spokeo

· True people search

· County website (residential and marriage information)

One last thing, if you are alright with being a Side Chick, by all means do you. This is for the people who don't want to be deceived.

Have a great week.

Rev. CQS

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