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Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Are You Addicted to Drama?

Always talking or posting on social media about their latest dramas.

This will happen in the midst of the drama. If nothing has happened, they will turn to the news and began to make the drama of others about themselves.

Always someone else’s fault.

Individuals who are addicted to drama always seen to lack the capacity to see they are the center of most drama incidents. Typical playing the role of the victim.

Experts at making molehills into mountains.

They will automatically go the worst-case scenario as if the situation has already happened.

It’s difficult for them to forgive.

Regardless of if the drama took place or has yet to happen, a drama addict will have difficult with letting go of these thoughts in their mind.

Relationships are never smooth

A drama addict will cause chaos in their relationship when things are going smoothly. A peaceful relationship is just unsettling.

The drama is craved to avoid feeling pain, shame, guilt, and remorse. The feelings of pain stem from past relationships and experiences. The drama addict refused to work on self, thereby it’s easy to stay addicted to drama. The drama addict is very good at making new friends to take their drama to. The drama addict can learn new ways of dealing with life so that things are calmer, however, they must put in the work.

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