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Dating Tips

No overcommunicating-talking too much and oversharing information

Always available-have a life of your own, friends, family etc.

Commitment talk too soon-longterm, marriage.

Need constant reassurance of how he feels-fear of things not working out, insecurities.

Your too jealous-not wanting mate to spend time with friends/family.

Controlling-too invested in the future.

Its important to understand the following:

Believe you are the prize. Your mate needs to value you.

Allow (him) to date you. This means go out on dates and get to know each other. Ask questions and see how he reacts to what you say.

Share love and affection AFTER commitment and not before. No sex on first date.

Never be too accessible. Have a life of your own.

Never act more exclusive to him. Don't drop everything when he wants to see you/spend time with you.

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