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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Is This What You're Doing?

The spirit of lack starts in the mind. It’s a mentality that many people have and don’t realize and or understand that they have it.

  • The spirit of lack is thinking and acting as if you are poor or severely financially deprived. For example, if one is constantly saying, “I am broke.” “I never have enough money for anything.”

  • Pocket watching is another example of having the spirit of lack. Pocket watching is looking to see how much someone else has and or making comments on someone else's spending. (How can he afford a new car? He only earns $ on his job.)

  • If one is always looking for bargains, coupons, wanting to pay very little, making purchases from a place of emotion instead of necessity, or making unnecessary purchases.

  • When it comes to love and relationship saying things, such as, ‘No one loves me or I’m never going to find anyone.” Maybe you are not receiving love in the way you want, however, using negative connotations is having spirit of lack.

  • Are you doing any of the things mentioned above? Be honest with yourself, do you have the spirit of lack? If you are participating in either of the above examples, you are doing a disservice to yourself. You can manifest, meditate, and pray until you are blue in the face but if you have the spirit of lack your manifestations will not go into fruition.

You now know what spirit of lack is. So, how to make it stop? You make yourself stop by getting real with yourself. Start with changing the way you think followed with your behavior. Every time you feel a negative or spirit of lack thought creeping into your mind, take the time to make a conscious effort to change it. Read some affirmations, write your own, say a prayer, do a quick meditation, listen to music, sing, dance, do something positive. If you don’t make the changes than you have no one to blame but yourself! Blessings, CQS

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