Why Won't He Reply To Me?

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

I have been offering spiritual consultations since the 1990’s. That means I have talked with many women. These women come from different social and economic backgrounds along with various ethnicities and ages, therefore I am using my years of professional experience and spiritual knowledge to formulate these findings.

Why Won’t He Reply To Me?

You are tired of reaching out to your guy and he is not responding back to you. You have been reaching out to him for the past two weeks. Everything was fine and the two of you were getting along. He was texting and calling you. The two of you spent time together and enjoyed each other. Then out of nowhere he stops all communication. Now you have many different thoughts going thru your mind. Is he still interested in me? Is he seeing another woman? Let’s look at the possible reasons for sudden lack of communication:

1. His ex is now available

2. He has decided to date someone else

3. He is no longer interested in you

4. Fear of commitment

5. He got what he wanted and now he has moved on

Remember when the two of you first stared dating and you were talking about your ex’s? He quickly changed the subject. At the time you didn’t think much of it, but now in hindsight, you remember (RED FLAG) . This was an opportunity for you to ask more questions. (he still has feelings for the ex)

After being with you, talking to you, seeing how you think and feel about various things he decided it wasn’t going to work between the two of you. He wants to see what else is out there.

He has simply lost interest in you. You weren’t the person he thought you were when you first met. This happens sometimes as he sees you from a different perspective.

He is afraid to commit. He is not ready for a serious long-term relationship. If a long-term relationship was what he wanted he would have one.

He dated you, spent time with you, communicated with you, had sex and now he is done. There are some men who only date short term.

Here’s the bottom line, no matter what the reason is you should be with a man who lifts you up not brings you down. Allowing yourself to learn from a relationship and move on to someone more meaningful and appropriate is the best thing you can do for yourself.

You were a rebound while he got over an ex. You helped to occupy his time and you were there for him. You made him feel wanted. From the beginning he never had any intentions to be with you long term. He has disappeared cause he used you.

Set boundaries from the beginning and DO NOT be afraid to walk away when you are not getting your needs met.

Live in your truth and be true to you!


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