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When a Guy is into you!

I've talked to many women over the years. These women struggle to understand when a man truly has feelings for her. Mixed signals often occur which makes the woman doubt herself and brings confused.

These are just a few signs that show how a man feels about a woman.

  • He will spend all his free time with you.

  • He wants to see you all hours of the day and not just at night.

  • He will talk to you as much as he can.

  • He will show interest in you, what you like, what you dislike, what dreams and goals you have.

  • He will take you around his friends and family.

  • He will make suggestions and recommendations on how you can reach your goals.

It is my desire that these tips will help someone or be shared with someone who can benefit from them.

Have a Great week!

Rev. CQS

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