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Reconciling with an Ex?

It's almost mid September 2021 and soon it will be the holiday season. Many people are sad, alone and lonely during the holidays. As the loneliness brings about a need to be close to someone, especially now with the pandemic looming over the world. Due to this overwhelming feeling of sadness some people will reach out to an ex. The ex will think he/she wants to rekindle the relationship when that is not the case. It may just be a booty call. Has your ex contacted you recently? Are you wondering what their intentions are?

You may want to get some clarity in order to deal with your situation. On the other hand, if you choose to not seek advice and reconcile the relationship, I suggest you DON'T RUSH into anything. Remember, there is a reason you separated in the first place. Take time to build the relationship and earn each other's trust.



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